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Visit Loup County and Taylor, NE

where we still embrace old fashioned values and the flavor of the West! Taylor is the only remaining town in Loup County, however this small but mighty village serves as county seat, home of Loup County Public Schools, hosts the Loup County 'World's' Fair and is the heart of the community. We are proud of our heritage and look forward to a bright future here in Loup County amid the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills.

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"Friendly People, thank you!"

"Very special, loved waving at all

the people!"

"Saw the town with cutouts on HGTV & had to see for ourselves! Loved it! "

Alvaro Nevado 

Madrid, Spain

Misty & Nancy Weitzel

Fort Collins, CO

Victoria & Dan Prines

Shawnee, KS

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