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Cemetery Loup County, NE


Almeria Cemetery

Almeria Cemetery is located west of Taylor. Head west on Highway 91 for 8 miles, then turn west on Strohl Road and go 1 1/4 miles, turn north at the sign.

Gracie Cemetery

Gracie Cemetery is in Northeast Loup County and is on land that is part of Gracie Creek Ranch (7 miles north of Highway 96 on Gracie Creek Ave.)

Kent Cemetery

Kent Cemetery overlooks the North Loup River valley. Go east on Highway 91, turn south at Kent Road, then turn west on 823 Road at the 'Cemetery' sign.

Long Valley Cemetery

Long Valley Cemetery is located in the yard of the old Long Valley Methodist Episcopal Sod Church. This cemetery is accessible only via a guide and a 4-wheel drive pick-up.

Madison Square Cemetery

Madison Square Cemetery is located in Southwest Loup County. Head west on Highway 91 for 4 miles, then at the curve take a slight left onto Madison Square Road for another 3 miles. The cemetery is located on the south side of the gravel road and is marked with a gated entrance.

Moulton Cemetery

Moulton Cemetery is located in western Loup County 15 miles west of Taylor on Highway 91. The cemetery turn-off is about 5 miles west of Almeria on the north side of the road marked by a sign. West End Road is just to the west of the cemetery.

Taylor Cemetery

Taylor Cemetery is located south of Taylor. Turn west on Charles Street, then follow the gravel road south to the cemetery.

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